If you are a leader swamped in a volatile and uncertain world, I can help you find clarity and focus to unleash the potential of your team. I create space to allow your deep, authentic work to unfold.

Evan J Miller

I retired in 2018 as CEO of a software development and services company. I came into that role as a high performing expert. I was good at what I did and thought leading others was just more of the same. I learned the hard way that leadership in a volatile and uncertain world has to be based on something besides technological expertise.

This hard way of learning became a spiritual journey for me. I had to learn to let go of my ego and perfectionism and invite others into higher performance. In doing so I discovered the joy of helping others uncover their potential. Where my own effectiveness had become a bottleneck for organizational performance, I found I could unleash the potential of the collective in ways that surpassed our wildest dreams.

Along the way I leveraged Frederic Laloux’s work on organizational stage theory to transform our company into a “teal” organization using sociocratic governance.

I’ll bring all of that experience to bear in our coaching relationship. We’ll begin with an assessment of your current situation using tools from Bill Joiner’s leadership agility framework. We’ll develop a personal plan that is focused on the key behaviors and attitudes that enable you to move to the next stage on your leadership journey.

Here is what one of my clients posted on LinkedIn: “Evan brings his whole self – business leadership, coaching experiences, and spiritual directing presence – into every interaction. … I would highly recommend Evan to anyone looking to bring a holistic approach to their leadership or who longs for guidance in making meaning out of any stage or circumstance of life.”

My life’s mission is to lovingly reveal, fiercely defend, and joyfully celebrate all that is precious in the world. My work with leaders enables me to extend that mission far beyond my personal reach.

What I Do

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