Coaching – Facilitation – Companionship

I offer one-with-one leadership agility coaching and spiritual companionship. I also work with groups, providing facilitation services for strategic planning and problem-solving. While there are some similarities between these types of conversations, each serves a different purpose and has its own rhythm.


I work with individuals and leadership teams to develop their leadership agility. Leadership agility is a developmental skill set that enables better individual and team performance in complex, volatile environments. Clients typically meet with me every one to two weeks. You can read more about leadership agility coaching here.


Facilitation helps groups come together around a common focus, or to develop team capacity for hosting difficult conversations and decisions. Typically I provide facilitation on a project basis. You can read more about facilitation here.

Spiritual Companionship

I provide spiritual companionship with individuals who are searching for meaning in their lives. These might be people of faith, or people who have lost their faith, or people who are searching for faith. Very often they’ve reached a point on their spiritual journey where the old forms and practices are not working for them, and they are looking for a trustworthy path into the unknown. Clients typically meet with me about once a month. You can read more about spiritual companionship here.

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