I work with individuals and leadership teams to develop their leadership agility. Leadership agility is a developmental skill set that enables better individual and team performance in complex, volatile environments. Clients typically meet with me every one to two weeks.

Typical questions

  • How do I maximize the performance of my people?
  • I have all these ideas for being a better leader. How do I prioritize my efforts?
  • Does being a leader have to be so lonely?
  • Where can I get the support I need?
  • Sometimes it seems like I can’t expose any weakness to others. Where can I be vulnerable and still be supported?
  • Faith matters to me. Is God really interested in the daily activities of my life?
  • What kind of leader does God want me to be?


We will begin with conversations about your situation, and you’ll complete two assessments: a Leadership Agility Assessment and a Power Styles Profile. Based on these conversations and the assessments, we’ll develop a coaching plan that is designed to help you grow to your desired level of leadership agility.

Prior to each coaching session, you’ll complete an activity report and email it to me the day before our meeting.

I may offer teaching moments of key concepts such as stakeholder agility, or context setting agility. I may have assignments for you, or hold you accountable for goals that you set for yourself.

Coaching meetings happen fairly frequently – typically every week or every other week.


Please contact me for a proposal.

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