I’m honored…

I’m honored and excited to share that I am now a certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach.

The Leadership Agility 360 is a powerful assessment tool that gives leaders detailed feedback on how their actions help and hinder the performance of their team.

I think what makes it so powerful is that is grounded on deep conceptual theory of human development and growth, AND it is extremely pragmatic. It really focuses on behaviors: What is that you do, as a leader, that helps and hinders.

Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach

The theory comes into play in that the behaviors are the actions that research show actually matter.

I had to take a couple people through the 360 for my certification, and one of them was kind enough to post a referral over on LinkedIn:

I recently completed a Leadership Agility 360 Development program led by Evan. After almost 35 years building companies and managing teams this journey was tedious, methodical, humbling and exciting. The deep data and written comments gathered during the feedback phase of the program from primary managers, direct reports and key stakeholders was very insightful. The candid and sometimes contrasting information from my perceived leadership capability forced some much needed soul searching.

The program focuses on 24 Leadership Agility Practices in 4 Action Arena’s and was daunting for me initially. The process of summarizing my 6 highest rated and 6 lowest rated Agility Practices was very enlighten. Evan skillfully guided me through the process and spent the right amount of time checking in throughout the journey while coaching me on the written development planner assessments and my 3 action plan objectives.

I was able to applying several of the concepts discovered during the process before we even completed the final action plan sessions. For a professional looking to gain a candid, data enhanced understanding of your current leadership capability with clearly defined areas for improvement, I highly recommend this program led by Evan.

I have links to a case study and a brochure from ChangeWise (Leadership Agility) on this page.

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